Maine Intervention

 Maine Intervention


According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, in 2007 and 2008 Maine was listed in the top ten states for several of the categories of drug use. Some of those categories were illicit drug use among young adults (aged 18-25) and cocaine use in the past year among young adults. {} What this staggering statistic means is that a large number of individuals are living with an addiction in the state of Maine.

So, if someone you love is one of these people what are you supposed to do to find them help? The first step to finding them the help they need is to find a professional Interventionist and begin the Intervention process. This is a process where you directly address the addiction and the impact it has had on the entire family. By addressing it head on, the goal is to convince your loved one that a treatment program is their best option at living a healthy and productive life.

First you will acquire the services of a professional Interventionist. Be cautious to find a fully trained and accredited professional. Once you have chosen a professional that will work well with your family you will begin the process of preparing for the intervention. This will consist of informing the Interventionist about your family, your loved one and their addiction. Next each family member will be asked to prepare some thoughts on the addiction, how it has affected them and their relationship with the addicted family member.

Once all of the preparation is complete it is then time to carry out the formal Intervention. All of the family member will meet with the Interventionist to review any last minute details before your loved one comes. Once they arrive the focus will go to sharing those prepared thoughts, explaining why you are all there and urging your loved one to enter a treatment program immediately. One important facet of an Intervention is to present an ultimatum; either enter a treatment program or they will no longer have the support of the family. For some, this may seem harsh. It is a necessary part of the process so your loved one realizes that it is time to get help.

Fortunately Interventions are highly effective and can often catapult individuals living with addiction to start down the path to health and sobriety. So, if you think that a Maine Intervention might be what your loved one needs don’t wait to find help.


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