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Drug Intervention in Maine

drug intervention in maine
There are few things more worrisome than watching a loved one fall prey to an addiction. Whether it is illicit or prescription drugs or alcohol an addiction can tear apart families and friendships and ruin careers. An addiction can even cost your loved one their life. This is why many people who have tried everything else to no avail often look to intervention as a way to break the cycle of damaging behavior.

According to National Families in Action Maine ranks in the top ten states for marijuana and illicit drug use. These rankings solidify the fact that addiction in Maine is a serious problem. It also shows us that a more concerted effort to help someone with an addition is needed. When you make the decision to go through an intervention with a cherished friend or family member who has an addiction issue, you won’t go through it alone. Over the 2 or 3 day process, you and everyone else involved are given the education and confidence you will need to believe in the process.

The specially guided drug intervention in Maine process will have the ultimate goal of providing your loved one with the clarity and a true desire for recovery they will need to have. In most cases, the end result is the loved one reaching a point where they genuinely want to enter treatment as a first step in recovery from their addiction.

Your specially trained intervention specialist will choose the intervention model he or she thinks your loved one will respond to best. Through empowerment, everyone involved will be able to reach a place where thoughts, fears, and hopes can be expressed in a safe environment. This gives everyone the chance to face the addiction head on and make a clear choice as to what direction to continue moving in.

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We encourage you to continue reading through our website to learn more about what you can expect from utilizing a drug intervention in Maine. You will also be able to get a good idea of how you prepare for the time before and after the intervention takes place, as well as what to expect during. If you have questions or concerns that you haven’t found a clear answer to by reading, we want you to feel free to contact us any time for further explanation.

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