Cocaine Intervention

Cocaine Intervention in Maine

Crack and powdered cocaine pose the most threat in the state of Maine. The I-95 corridor from Florida to Maine is particularly an ideal route to traffic this substance since it provides accessibility to all the other states located on the eastern seaboard as well. Overall, cocaine’s main suppliers are Dominican criminal groups operating in Massachusetts. Although the number of deaths caused by cocaine abuse are relatively small, increased cocaine use in Maine has resulted in thousands of families being devastated by a loved one’s drug habit.

A cocaine intervention in Maine is a carefully orchestrated strategy best executed by an intervention expert in the cocaine field usually along with family or acquaintances to persuade a loved one to seek professional help with their cocaine addiction. It is also a process that is planned in stages so that the individual addicted to cocaine can make a decision of their own free will to get clean. Moreover, a cocaine intervention provides closure to those all of those involved because they know that they have used every resource available to help their loved one to get clean and stay clean.

When an individual is addicted to cocaine, they lose their ability to find gainful employment and to be a productive citizen in society. Dependency often influences them to commit criminal offenses just to support their habit. Worse yet, many mothers and fathers addicted to cocaine have lost custody of their children because of their failure to provide a safe, loving home environment for them.

If a concerned relative or a friend is tired of passively watching someone they love addicted to cocaine continue down a spiral of destruction, they must find an interventionist that will tailor an intervention program according to their loved ones needs. Participants chosen for an intervention is equally important. They must be close respectful enough of the loved one’s feelings for the intervention to go smoothly. Participants may include siblings, spouses, parents, extended relatives, friends and even children, if this is appropriate. Timing for an intervention is also crucial so that all involved will have a mental outline of what they would like to say to their loved one before it actually happens. When the various elements of an intervention are combined, it creates a much better chance for a loved one to finally make a commitment to check into a rehab facility immediately.

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