Heroin Intervention

Heroin Intervention in Maine


We watch our kids grow up with inexpressible pride, leaving for college and fulfilling our fondest dreams for them only to see them lost to the highly addictive effects of heroin. We watch a partner or a sibling struggle with the symptoms of heroin and curse the dealers and suppliers of all addictive substances. The worst part of this nightmare is knowing our loved one is suffering from terrible withdrawals and their bodies are facing awful stresses from using, but we can’t stop them. They feel they know better, are in control of their habit, but they’re actually chained to the brain chemistry altering effects of heroin. The time for sitting down, using reason and common sense has sadly passed, and it’s time to reach out across one of the great states of the United States for a Heroin intervention in Maine.

So Many Drugs and Addictions to Organize Against

It’s dizzying and confusing to organize and formulate an effective action against drug abuse, but we have to take a stand. We stand up with friends and family, and use all of the advantages we have, which may not seem like much at first, but we possess all of the love and compassion in the world for this addicted member, and that’s a huge advantage, more than enough to defeat the call to use heroin if we organize the intervention correctly, and if we can use the intervention to get the loved one in to a treatment center where they can receive the care they need. This is one of the greatest sources of frustration in this situation, knowing how much treatment is available but not being able to persuade our brother or sister, our close friend, to acknowledge a problem exists.

Parents and siblings stand together when the intervention is initiated. Time must be balanced with planning as heroin presents several options for a disastrous outcome. There’s always the chance for an overdose if the loved one becomes careless in the preparation of their next hit, or perhaps they’ve sunk to a point where they simply don’t care anymore; the euphoric high is the only thing occupying their disoriented mind. Break that kind of thinking now by showing the love and compassion that’s still in their life, and get them in to a treatment center today, thanks to the power of a heroin intervention in Maine.

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