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Meth Intervention in Maine

meth intervention in maine

The state of Maine consists mostly of close knit town communities that are friendly, scenic and charming. Hidden below the picturesque view, however, is a meth abuse epidemic that plagues Maine residents just as much as it does in other bigger states across the country.

Although Mainers continue to seek treatment for abuse involving a wide range of harmful substances, the number of meth users who choose not seek treatment is alarming enough for concerned family members and friends to seek a highly trained interventionist to help execute an appropriate meth intervention in Maine.

Family, relatives and friends often mean well but are usually ill-equipped with the skills needed to effectively help their loved one stop abusing meth. So the first step of a meth intervention would involve changing the way how family and acquaintances view the loved one who is abusing meth. Most don’t rrealize that is futile to continue to shield them from the consequences of their actions.

A professional interventionist will educate the participants involved in an intervention exactly how it should be done; it should not take place in such a way where the loved one gets a “slap on the wrist” for their behavior. On the other hand, it should not be done in a manner that takes away the loved one’s dignity. Timing an intervention is a key factor in accomplishing this. Family members and friends can speak candidly about how their loved one’s meth addiction has hurt them in a calm, loving manner. They may even use past examples of ways in which a loved one’s behavior has affected them personally, including any recent incidents.

The idea of an intervention is to encourage the loved one to seek treatment but of their own free will. Each individual is different and an intervention model for one person may not be as effective as it would be for another. Any intervention utilized involves communication and listening. The loved on addicted to meth may express their concerns about withdrawal sympotms or ask about the length of time they would have to spend in rehab. These are valid concerns that deserve an honest answer. Once the loved one commits to checking into rehab, family, relatives and friends need to be prepared to have everything their loved one needs to be packed and ready so that they can go to the selected treatment facility immediately.

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