Interventionist in Maine

Interventionist in Maine

Drug abuse and addiction are very scary realities for many families living in the state of Maine. With drug rates higher than the national averages more and more families are watching their loved ones struggle with an addiction to drugs. What happens when you are ready to find help for your loved one but don’t know where to turn? This is the perfect time to employ a trained Interventionist to help get the process started.

What is an Interventionist?

An Interventionist is a trained mental health professional that specializes in guiding families through the process of a formal Intervention. They are present al phases of an intervention and support both the addicted family member as well as the rest of the family that is affected by the addiction.

What is an Intervention?

And intervention is a process of confronting your loved one who is addicted to an illicit drug. By talking about how their addiction affects not just them but the rest of the family as well, it can help convince them that a drug treatment program will help them. The goal of an intervention is to provide your loved one with a very important ultimatum. Either they enter into a treatment program immediately or they will no longer receive the emotional, physical and/or financial support of their family. This can be a powerful persuader.

How do I find the right Interventionist for my family?

It is very important to find the right Interventionist for your family. This will be someone who is professionally trained, holds a degree in a social science and has previous experience leading Interventions. They must also be a person who you have a positive rapport with. The Interventionist will be a very important part of the process for the addicted family member and the family. It is critical that there is a positive, trusting relationship for success.

What will an Interventionist do for us?

The Interventionist will walk you through the entire process. They will help you prepare for the intervention as well as set up the meeting. They will guide the family through the actual Intervention and mediate as needed. Once your loved one agrees to enter treatment they will be the person that transports them to the treatment center and gets them settled in. They will also continue supporting all member of the family throughout the treatment program.

For those families living with the affects of drug addiction know that help is out there. This is not a process that you must face alone. There is a perfect Interventionist in Maine waiting for you.

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