Lewiston Interventionist

Lewiston Interventionist


When thinking about the duties of a Lewiston Interventionist you most likely think of a professional who sits in a room with an addict and their loved one to convince them that they have a problem and get into treatment. A professional interventionist will help the family and loved ones of the addict assist better with the recovery process. They do this by changing learned behavior. The addict in your life has trained you to allow his or her behavior. Our intervention process will help families change this behavior and teach skills to stop enabling.

What is Enabling?

The literal definition of enable is “give (someone or something) the authority or means to do something.’the evidence would enable us to arrive at firm conclusions’ synonyms: allow, permit, let, give the means, equip, empower, make able, fit.” A person who is addicted to drugs or alcohol has ways of getting their loved ones to allow them to continue this behavior so that they may freely enjoy their drug of choice without consequence. They know exactly what to say and do to keep you in the dark about how bad their addiction is becoming. You love them; therefore, you want to believe that they really do not have a problem. Often the hardest part of the intervention process is convincing the family and loved ones that there really is a problem.

What Happens When We Enable?

We are human, and as such, some of us do not like change. Stopping an addicted person’s behavior is a huge change. It literally is a life-changing event. When we enable someone, this means we allow him or her to continue his or her addictive behavior. By allowing them do drink and/or do drugs, we allow the disease to progress. As it progresses, addiction often leads to job loss, relationship issues, trouble with the law, illness, or life threatening injury. This will happen if we keep allowing them to continue their destructive behavior. A Lewiston interventionist will help families stop the enabling process and set the whole family on a road to healing and recovery.

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