Portland Interventionist

Portland Interventionist


An interventionist is a trained mental health professional that specializes in guiding families through the process of a formal Intervention. This is a specific process where a family confronts their loved on in hopes of persuading them to enter into a treatment program for an addiction to drugs or alcohol. It is the Interventionists job to ensure that the process goes smoothly and every member of the family gets the support they need to have a positive outcome.

How to Find the Right Portland Interventionist?

When looking for an Interventionist there are a series of things that you must keep in mind. There is a big difference between a trained Interventionist and a layperson that helps with the Intervention process. A trained Interventionist will have a degree, proper education and credentials, an office they work out of and references. If they lack any of these specifics be cautious. Another important things to keep in mind is that this individual will be walking you through one of the most difficult processes of your life. It is an emotional process so finding someone you have rapport with is very important. If the Interventionist does not work well with your family and it’s dynamic they might not be the best fit.

What Will An Interventionist Do For Me?

An Interventionist will play a key role in the process of addressing your loved ones need for rehab. They will help you do the preliminary work before the intervention begins. They will help determine what should be said and done before the Intervention, during it and afterwards, during the rehabilitation process. Part of the Intervention is having each family member read to the addicted family member several key points. An Interventionist will work with you beforehand to determine what should be expressed during the process. As someone who has been through the Intervention process many times they have a good feel for what works and what does not.

What Will An Interventionist Do For My Loved One?

Most importantly the Interventionists goal is to get your loved one into treatment as quickly as possible. They are an advocate for both the family and the addicted family member. Once the addict is in treatment the Interventionist will continue to monitor and support all members of the family. This person will be an integral part of the healing process for your entire family. Finding the right person for the job is so important.

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