South Portland Interventionist

South Portland Interventionist

south portland interventionistWith the rise of prescription pain medication and other drugs on the rise in Maine, South Portland has seen a similar increase in drug use. The unfortunate statistic means that too many families are left dealing with the impact of drug abuse. For families living in South Portland finding a way to help the person you love may seen like a daunting task. Fortunately there are trained professionals ready to help. Finding a South Portland interventionist may be easier than you think.

Finding an Interventionist

Taking the first step is often the most difficult when it comes to battling drug addiction. It can seem so hopeless at times. Luckily, the first step can be an easy one. All that you need to do is fine the right person to help guide you through the process. Finding the right Interventionist can be as simple as a phone call or click on the computer.

The Interventionist will help guide your family through the Intervention process. When seeking an Interventionist be sure to find someone who has credentials and a degree in either social sciences or psychology. Be sure that they have experience guiding families through the Intervention process. Also make sure that you have a good rapport with the Interventionist you choose. This is someone you will work closely with, getting along is critical.

Preparing for the Intervention

The Interventionist will lay out the groundwork of what will happen at the Intervention. They will ask each member of the family to prepare some words to share at the Intervention. Part of the preparation process will be determining the logistics of how, when and where to plan the Intervention process to take place.

The Intervention Process

Once the planning stage is complete the actual Intervention can then happen. This is a meeting involving the Interventionist, the family members and the addicted family member. The Interventionist will talk about why they are all there and what will happen. Each family member will then share what he or she has prepared. Typically this is information on how the addiction has affected each of their lives.

What happens next

At the end of the Intervention the addicted family member will be presented with a choice. Either enter a treatment program immediately or no longer receive the support of their family. Assuming they are convinced that treatment is the best option the Interventionist will take them to a treatment facility and get they checked in. They will spent the next few weeks monitoring and helping the family as much as possible.

So, for families looking for a South Portland Interventionist, help is out there. There are trained professionals waiting to guide your family through the process and find help for your loved one.

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