Mental Health Intervention

Mental Health Intervention in Maine

mental-health-interventionWe’re complex creatures bound by logic and reason but always influenced by our emotional centers. Chemical imbalances and past trauma can overwhelm reason, taking the reins of the mind and amplifying emotional responses. Our mentally ill loved ones are forced to endure this state of irrational turmoil, lost in confusion, struggling to center and assert themselves but unable to do so alone.

Mental illness is still seen as a stigma by many, something to conceal and a condition someone in a loving family circle may work to hide away while in a heightened state of mental distress.

Bipolar Disorder

Overtones of helplessness and thoughts of stigma may drive someone in Maine to conceal their symptoms, but the signs of a bipolar disorder go beyond general moodiness, making themselves felt as distorted extremes in behavior.
One moment a loved one may be exhaustively manic, unable to sleep or even sit still, then, switching from their high without warning, a state of severe depression begins. These extremes in thinking are tiring for both the suffering family member and those that love them, causing outbursts that damage the tight bonds of family love.

At their worst, episodes can send a partner or sibling into a hospital after an aborted suicide attempt. A mental health intervention in Maine is essential in aiding the loved one to recognize their precarious position.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Many of us believe we can handle anything, any situation thrown at us, but there are situations of such extreme emotional charge present in life that parts of our mind simply can’t process, refusing to cope. Emotional trauma from war experiences and from sexual abuse are prime examples of times when the mind closes down to protect itself, but the images of the trauma continue to resurface, causing extreme states of anxiety. Flashbacks and panic attacks are a few of the symptoms to be dealt with.

Dual Diagnosis

Fighting a battle of the mind and body on two fronts is tough, but this is what’s needed to overcome a co-occurring disorder, another title for dual diagnosis. Not only is a mental disorder assaulting the mind of a loved one but a situation also exists where a substance is being abused. This is a destructive course and one where a family member is heading down a dark corridor unless the force for positive change that is an intervention arrives to short-circuit the damaging journey.

Mental health concerns do expose substance abuse habits. These already susceptible individuals, closely known family members, seek out chemicals to dull their anxious minds. This self-medicating strategy almost always backfires, requiring the services of a mental health intervention in Maine to address concerns. The spiky shield of
paranoia and perceived weakness must be disarmed with love and compassion. Concern is transformed into truthfully spoken words designed to guide the loved one to treatment options, recovery centers where care and medically assisted recovery can be expertly given.

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